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2008 Election

The Worst Implementation of Anything

October 24th, 2008

At Ease This Election

a man showing attributes of election reliefElections are close. So close. It has me tingling with anxiety. But not really tingling, and not really any anxiety. It’s been a simple time really.

I make under $200,000 and therefore would be eligible for Obama’s tax cuts for the middle-class. As this fact is embarrassing, I support John McCain to make me feel like I am shooting for something big, however unlikely the possibility, something big like becoming a multi-millionaire within the couple months.

I yearn to be wealthy, much more wealthy than I currently am. I have dreams of being wealthy and being able to personally affect the world in what would in my view be a positive way. I dream of using that money myself without the use of experts to promote that good, in an arbitrary way as I see fit without myself being an expert in using money to promote human welfare in the least. I have a right to use my money as I see fit.

My net worthFor the wealthy to share the same proportional tax burden as the middle-class just does not make sense. I earned it. It’s my money. The concept of maintaining and even strengthening the existing system of humans’ differential access to resources is very important to me. Even, thoughtlessly, to my own personal detriment, and to the detriment of friends, loved ones, and to the detriment of bereaved groups of society with whom I feel fleeting senses of sympathy for occasionally.

Derivation of world view depictionMy world view is such that it requires me to take only an extremely narrow set of issues into account when selecting political candidates that I will support. The fact of the criteria being so narrow allows me to have more leisure time and avoid wasting hours in intense thoughtful contemplation on other issues that are pertinent to me and those I love. In fact the criteria is so narrow, it can be enumerated by only the use of four words (a total of 22 letters excluding punctuation).

This does not mean I mind a little thought now and again upon the limp-wristed, shaved-headed-female, brown-tampon, breast-implanted-male, female-skateboard-riding, confused and obviously abused one-third of society. Just enough thought to say that statement alone gives that to-be-kept-unnamed portion of society all the attention it needs, requires, and deserves. End of story.

No matter how far along an individual, well I guess this only applies to all females, is in the reproductive process, even just at the point of a seminal fluid stream where pregnancy is merely a theory, disrupting that process in any way whatsoever should be considered a heinous crime. Any and all human behavior that disrupts these people with reproductively disruptive thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations, actions is completely ethical and permissible. Within reason of course.

tampons for menI also will spend lots of time ignoring the problems that ownership of modern portable powerful high-energy weapons bring to millions of people living in certain darker parts of the nation. Even to the point of insisting that the law as practiced be structured in such a way as to knowingly exasperate that set of problems. Enough said, especially since I have never had to deal with the consequences on a constant basis.

Thank you everyone for the prolonged length of time I’ve been able to feel comfortably at ease this election season.

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