The Proprietor of ReTran USA

It might upset anyone, but this is just the way it is. Your humble servant Doug Bird wants to make everyone feel as welcome as possible to this fine set of establishments.

hobbies: we tend have too many hobbies in developed nations. that's why we buy so many wasteful toys like SUVs, boats, ATVs, and plane tickets: consuming lots of gasoline and related fuels. For instance I subscribe to too many magazines and order too many books. Sometimes I fly to relatives homes instead of walking or driving there at 55mph.

religion: hopefully all gone soon from society. I grew up as a Mormon and was raised that way, and continued to be that way into my young adulthood. A couple things have changed but I am really the same person. Just with different hopes and dreams and I think differently and have different friends.

education: try the University of Utah: Geography and Anthropology departments especially.
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