Are you tired of the conspiring forces against creationism and intelligent design? Anthropologists, Linguists, Historians, and even Geologists have compiled up evidence trying to bemean the work of our divine creator! At least the Republicans are still on our side. I will go in depth on this.

It has come to my attention that some geologists hold that you can examine rock strata and extrapolate certain information from it. They attempt to say that layers of material on the bottom would be older than successive layers. They also imply that you can use the precision of nuclear chemistry (decay they call it) to infer ages of certain rocks. To sum it up and settle the matter: nuclear decay works good enough to run GPS systems but why would it mean decay rates have been consistent over time? Harry Potter can use magic to make what seems to be unbelievable happen, so certainly our Divine Creator can play with laws of chemistry any way he sees fit.

We all know unicorns were real animals that were there to help young women cope with realities of a harsh man dominated world. The only reason we do not see them any more is because since the 1500s equality between men and women has been just fine, and thus females no longer need a unicorn companion. Many so-called Pleistocene mega-faunal "fossils" are certainly un-described unicorns. It is certainly just as or more plausible than the theory there were elephant-like creatures roaming NORTH AMERICA (of all places).
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