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Progressive America Nov 4, 2008
for our new President and Commander-in-Chief Obama
I expect no less than the following:
  • Full health care should be guaranteed for all regardless of ability to pay.
  • Every couple should be able to receive the full benefits of marriage, including the ability to call it marriage, regardless of the sex/gender composure of the couple.
  • Begin the pursuit of the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons from the earth.
  • No more spending resources on irrelevant cold war era systems, within the military or otherwise... [continued] [comment]
Hitwise Shock: Drudge Rank Misleading Nov 2, 2008
Drudge Report recently displayed a headline indicating that it ranked above many prominent news sites in "market share". It cited a weekly report from a company called Hitwise. From what I reckon this rank might be misleading... [continued] [comment]
Response from Jensen: Proof that this inflates his numbers: Earlier this month Drudge (as he always does) highlighted the number of visits to his page in the past 24 hours, the past 31 days, and the past year. The most absurd number is his 6.88 billion visitors in the past year - a figure he apparently doesn't realize is bigger than the entire population on the planet...
from Jacked:Examination of Prayer at Valley Forge Nov 3, 2008
George Washington is known to really like his horse, and he is also known to really like praying. This is why Arnold imagined (quite plausibly) George forcing his horse to pray for the troops while he took care of some business...[continued] [see all jacked] [comment]
CNN Shows Hooting Chimp... Jun 27, 2007
CNN: The Most Trusted Name in News shows a jovial ape on a video titled "Aftermath of explosion" at Burt Rutan's spaceport in the Mojave desert airfield. The did this instead of showing the aftermath of the explosion, why? I do not know.
If a reader of the news site was serious about the information therein, why would they want to see some damn ape instead of footage of an explosion site? The article is titled Blast at desert spaceport kills 3. When you click to see serious footage about a serious topic (people's death) you are treated to footage of a laughing ape with a blond beach bum dictating house building directions.
Why is CNN appearing to be dishonest in their links to video feeds... [continued] [comment]
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